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Love in today's age

I was just wondering do you think love or should I say a monogamous relationship is possible anymore with the way social media is and the overall mindset of today's generation? Just wondering,........?

TexBart 2 Aug 27

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I'm not sexist nor do I agree with women being labeled as housewife. I was just giving my opinion about the way things have changed since I was a . I believe in any relationship there needs to be good communication and respect


I think it is as possible as ever.


It's possible..especially if you meet a demisexual person.
I'm one, and have zero sexual attraction for any person or gender until after well over a year of close association, and then only for that one person.


I just think that with today's society and the strain it takes to make it you need two people working so women are no longer stay at home mom's and housekeepers for the most part like my parents generation so it's much easier for extra marital relationships to happen especially with coworkers and that's where harmless flirting goes awry!!

You're operating from so many false premises that it's hard to know where to start.

Are you blaming extramarital affairs on women being in the workplace? How do you know that's cause and not association? Where do you get your figures from to begin with?

In "today's society" women are tired of being cast as either Madonnas or whores. Our parent's generation was wrong to limit them to those extremes. Just as wrong as they would have been to limit you to the role of either action hero or rapist.

You're right. Very politically incorrect, but right.


Of course it is ... for SOME people.


I think it's as possible as it ever was. People are just more honest about it when they're not monogamous now.


I have no idea what the stats are. I think being unfaithful is a common theme through history. In the Shakespeare plays, men are portrayed as having a chronic fear of being cuckolded, which meant being cheated on by their wives. That's odd, because we usually think of men being the cheaters.

Men fear their wives will do to them , what they are already doing to their wives .

That could very well be the psychology of it. I don't think it's the whole story, though.

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