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Where do you find the feeling of deep connection?

I came here solely to ask this question. The one thing I miss about growing up Christian was the feeling of being in church. For me it was a quiet time of reflection and learning. It had a certain emotional feeling to it as well - it made me feel happy, sad, and complete. I understand it probably didn't feel that way to everyone.
However, I lost that feeling when I left the church. My atheism was a long time in the making, so I didn't quite love hearing the preachers with their rants against gays and women. But I still felt at peace.
My question is, how do you find this feeling?

Dibsthecat 2 Jan 19

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These are all great ideas, thank you!!


I love nature and feel connected when I’m around or able to help animals in need. And I also love self-hypnosis and meditation time. It takes me to another world when I want to feel like getting away from this one while during the session having t-candles lit. Michael Sealey would have to be one of my favorites of all time.


Part of my atheism actually came out of a deep feeling of connection with the universe. I remember being about 5 or 6 and lying in the grass and staring at the sky. Suddenly this sensation of being both heavy and light overcame me. I could feel the whole of the earth beneath me, and the infinity of the sky above me. This sensation flew completely in the face of all the Bible Stories I had been exposed to. The various religions and their gods, especially their gods, seemed to small in the face of such an amazing universe.

I still cultivate that feeling through my daily meditation sessions. Learn various meditation techniques, and adapt them as you see fit. 20 minutes a day makes an amazing difference.


Church and marketing are a lot alike. Both start with the idea that you need something to make you feel complete/ keeping up with the Joneses/ happy. Then they tell you what that thing is. If you reject spending more than you can afford on a TV, car, or clothing, then you have already rejected the idea that you need it to feel happy. If you rejected religion, then you have rejected the idea that you needed it. I think the “hole” that is left is from the comforting idea that life is “figured out” for you, or maybe I am projecting because I have felt this way. If this is the case then take comfort in the wonder and awe of not knowing, and the endless search to find out, because it is truly more fulfilling.

If you want to control people you need to do one of two things: Either make them feel afraid, or make them feel inadequate.

Victor Frankly, the psychotherapist and Holocaust survivor, said that what is important is not that their is a meaning in life, but that we are the type of beings who seek a meaning in life.


Try doing some research about mindfulness. You can have that kind of feeling, connecting to the moment, and your environment. Kinda like taking time to actually experience life, rather than simply going from point A to point B.


Within you. Nobody can give you that. You already tried with silence. You need to find what will trigger that peace. Some people connect with animals, others with nature and often enough those people don't do well with other humans. If you connect well with humans may take some time and like someone said... trust, faith in the other person is trying as hard as you are. But without your inner self... never going to happen... also do not expect every human is capable of connecting with you.


A feeling of deep connection comes from trust! Trust in yourself and the people you CHOOSE to make your friends. And, trust that you will reconize the other people that do not have your best interest at 'heart!'


just by being alone by choice in a place of my choice or with someone who I care about but with no talking.


I was never really a believer but I tried to be in my younger days. Mostly because friends would invite me to their church and I was always a pleaser. In the last few years I've been pursuing a meditation/mindfulness practice. Dan Harris book "10% Happier" was what really got me going. He's a correspondent for ABC news and had a full blown panic attack on air. As he researched what to do about it he came upon the whole meditation and mindfulness thing. There's quite a bit of science/research that indicates it works for a lot of people, I've certainly gotten a lot out of it. He has a podcast that I really like as well. With regard to a sense of connectedness, I've felt more connected to humanity in general after I embraced my atheism. I think about the path that lead me to where I am and as I read more about the paths others have trod that lead them to the conclusion that there is no god i find I'm more forgiving and compassionate to those whose views are not like mine. So connections with friends and family provide me will all the sense of connection I need.


Spending time alone in nature and / or meditation can work. If you want that feeling of community you can go to a UU church where you are free to be an atheist. Look for a local atheist / agnostic group on Good luck!


Time in nature.


I spend a lot of time alone... and I read a lot. Also time in Nature.

skado Level 9 Jan 19, 2018
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