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LINK When The U.S. Government Tried To Replace Migrant Farmworkers With High Schoolers : The Salt : NPR

There is a disdain for those who do "menial" labor that runs through our collective conciousness.Why? These are things that NEED done. We all depend on workers who do the dirty work. So why are we such assholes about paying them a living wage and treating workers fairly. Why do we idolize those who benefit disproportionately from the hard work and misery of so many?

OpposingOpposum 9 Aug 28

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Maybe people are hard-wired to see hierarchy everywhere and call it the order of things. We associate menial labor with some moral failure on that persons part and financial success as virtue.

Yes we do but is that a "natural" response or one carefully implanted and nourished by our dysfunctional society?

@OpposingOpposum I would think looking for the hierarchy is the natural part. Most animals have some sort of pecking order. Religion and society reinforces it with ideas of divine station and destiny. Look at the caste system in India where people are taught that if you have a "lowly" job you are paying for the sins of your ancestors.
Back to this country though, I think its mainly our materialistic and status seeking society. We're bombarded with ideas that if you can't afford a certain car or have name brand clothes you're a loser.

@Hastur I'm going to quibble with that a bit. There have been some really interesting studies that have shown that equinamity and fairness is valued among social primates more than status. I recall one where it was noted that even human infants seem to have an inherent sense of "fairness" . it makes sense in groups dependant on one another for survival(which we are). I'm of the opiniin that heirarchies are a largely manufactured value in human society that cause more problems than they solve. why are we still buying into that bs worldview? It creates nothing of value and glorifies the true parasites of our society.

@OpposingOpposum True, with social hierarchies comes the compulsion to exploit others. We both seem to agree that human society is conditioning and reinforcing them. Whether they are natural or a total invention is something someone a lot smarter than me is gonna have to answer.
As to why people still subscribe to them? My 2 cents says its a lack of critical thinking and a hardened resistance to change.

@Hastur agreed.


Reading this something came to mind. To harvest is a long hard day some crops can only be picked by hand. Thinking of this it would only be in the government's interest to get tax paying revenue from the paychecks of farmworkers. So why do they not have an agency that would investigate and implement less aggressive ways of harvesting? Like machines that would make it simpler with tax breaks for farms that would use this types of equipment.

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