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I will never go back to school. It's not worth it.

You have to learn the correct program for the jobs of today.

@Marine Then I guess I'm lucky to have one of those jobs of yesteryear! ?


The Congress does nothing about this they just put their hands up in the oh well posture.


$152.59 wa never the cost of attending a University . At best , if you were lucky , it may have been the cost of one credit hour . A four credit hour class , would have been over six hundred dollars , plus books , at a time when it took a whole lot longer to earn that much money . My first job after high school , as a waitress , paid $30 per week , plus tips . From that job , I went on to work at a bank . My salary was $50 a week , take home for two weeks was $74.11 . from which I paid $14.00 for bus fare . How bout that $64.11 for two weeks work !

My mentor attended 3 years at the local private art school in the seventies. It cost him less than 4,000.00 for all three years . He worked summers and paid for his whole years tuition with that. The cost of attending there now is 120,000.00 per year

@OpposingOpposum Very likely true . A private art school is not the same as a University . Art is not the same as , for instance , engineering , or a medical degree . I took a semester of courses at a Secretarial School , again , nowhere near as expensive as either a local community college or a University .

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