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Voting one's conscience? Good, bad, indifferent?

We all like wiggle room!

atheist 8 Jan 19

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I always research league of women
voters -then use my conscience ✨

BBJong Level 7 July 29, 2018

Personally I believe that I've always & only "voted my conscience." I can't imagine offhand any other valid motive or reason for how one would decide how to use their vote. Someone said something to me in 2016 about voting "strategically?!" I couldn't even begin to contemplate such a concept. 😟


The last time I did that, we got GW Bush. Another lesson learned.


I think of myself as a results-oriented person (note: this does NOT mean "ends justify means). I also would not hesitate to support someone (myself included) in doing what they feel to be absolutely right*, regardless of the outcome. So it's on a totally case by case basis for me.

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That's a sad subject for me.... I can't believe tbat asshole won.


I don't vote as there all liars and corrupt. I'm not being responsible for any of them at any level. you don't see votes counted and in the UK there all in bed together.


I think it's important to balance conscience with practicality. If you can accept any of the candidates, but you'd prefer the one with a specific platform, by all means vote your heart. But if there's a situation where one candidate is abhorrent and another is the best chance of beating them, but you really like that third-party candidate, I'd say that voting for the stronger candidate is more reasonable even if you really like the weaker candidate a lot more. Sometimes being strategic is necessary.


Yes. However, that is discriminatory towards sociopaths



I think good, no?

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