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QUESTION How many dimensions are there, and what do they do to reality? | Aeon Essays

This enchanting social satire tells the story of a humble Square living on a plane, who is one day visited by a three-dimensional being, Lord Sphere, who propels him into the magnificent world of Solids. In this volumetric paradise, Square beholds a three-dimensional version of himself, the Cube, and begins to dream of pushing on to a fourth, fifth and sixth dimension. Why not a hypercube? And a hyper-hypercube, he wonders?

Sadly, back in Flatland, Square is deemed a lunatic, and locked in an insane asylum. One of the virtues of the story, unlike some of the more saccharine animations and adaptations it has inspired, is its recognition of the dangers entailed in flaunting social convention. While Square is arguing for other dimensions of space, he is also making a case for other dimensions of being – he’s a mathematical queer.

zblaze 7 Jan 19

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The only ones I am currently concerned about is the one I live in and that it does not go away!


Every single life has its' own layer of the multiverse, therefore squares role is merely in a backdrop for anothers perception. Two dimensional reality is merely part of our peripheral vision. Given the capacity for thought, anthropomorphised shapes are a relevant symbol for our perception of reality, as the shapes gain deprh, they come into view, and become more clearly defined... Ha ha ha... There you go. Have some symbology that wasn't there until I put it there... LMAO


It seems there are 12 dimensions, though unseen and untouchable.This theory arose out speculation on quantum potentiality wave theory. It has also lead to the theory of the mutiverse..


Hi zblaze,good story and has me thinking of people in the past who for their suggesting the Earth rotates around the sun or the universe is infinite were ridiculed two such people Giordona Bruno was burnt to death for suggesting the universe is infinite and Galileo was imprisoned for life for suggesting the Earth rotated around the sun.but they were not alone in people coming up with ideas that seemed ridicules at the is hard with all the knowledge that has now been accumalated to think of something fresh,is the 4th dimension time,also as there are over one billion galaxies in the known universe there is a good possibility that intelligent life exist on a billion planets out there in the universe,providing they had a similar evolutionary path of evolution by natural selection their bodiies may also be silicon rather than carbon based.


In my head there is only 3. But in reality I think there has to be at least 4. Because there is a bunch of shit going on in this world that I just can't explain or understand.


Yes, flaunting social convention has been known to be hazardous to your health. Look at that early astronomer, Galileo Galilei. When he claimed in 1632 that Earth orbited the sun, building upon the work of Coperincus, the Polish astronomer, he found himself under house arrest for committing heresy against the Catholic church.
That poor mathematical queer in your story shouldn't feel alone, as other mathematicians have said there are nine dimensions.


I find string theory and quantum mechanics so fascinating. I love Descartes too.

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