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After this life

What do you believe happens when you die? If energy continues will the energy within keep going or does it just end and cease to exist?

searchisendless 3 Aug 29

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Not many come back after death. So far, none of them have said what it's like in the afterlife. I think that's because life after death is so good, people on earth would start topping themselves in their thousands. I'm going to make a big effort to get back and if I manage it, I'm going to tell everyone all about it.


The same thing that happened before you were born. It will feel the same.



No..thats all folks..

You simply cease to exist...if that is disturbing to some, than perhaps it is easier to consider where you were before you came into wasn't so bad was it?

Everyone has their own belief or interpretation of the significance or otherwise of Death.


Reincarnation ?


I suspect that family and friends will come to my funeral, cry for a couple of days, and then go on with their lives as if nothing happened.


Energy in the body is chemically generated. When a person dies the chemistry that gives us energy breaks down and stops functioning in th same way, so there is potential for energy, but it deteriorates. Kind of like how a car that is not used rusts and deteriorates.


Energy cannot cease to exist. The energy stored in my body will heat the universe when the body will be cremated, or it will power bacteria and worms if the body will be buried.

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