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How does an agnostic begin a prayer?

engineer_in_nj 6 Jan 19

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Sounds like the intro line for a joke. I suppose it is.


Hello God, If you exist, I would like to start with thanking you if you exist for all the miracles you worked in my life if you exist......

It got buried in the comments the punch line was "to whom it may concern"

Yeah I saw that, but I like my version better. 😀


"Uh, What's up Doc?" with slightly sarcastic overtone...


Usually it goes like this...Oh gawd, arrrrrrgh!

And then I proceed with my offering to the porcelain god.


Why would an Agnostic pray? What are you sniffing?

it was a joke, the punchline was "to whom it may concern" :/ I did tag it "joke". Guess it wasnt funny, sorry.


I am my own god and the centre of my universe.

So when I need 'spiritual guidance' my prayer usually starts...

"OK Shitface. How are we going to sort this one..."


jesus I'm coming


when s/he's hollering "oh god! oh god!"?? 😉

And that's why if there is a heaven, you'll arrive feet first! 😉


This sounds like the beginning of a joke....

it was the punchline was "to whom it may concern"


This is actually a legitimate question. If someone does not in fact know if there is a God one could certainly pray or speak to said unknown entity whether it could hear the words or would bother to respond.
I was very briefly an agnostic of this sort. I would simply pray "whatever you are if you care please make yourself known to me, and let me know if you have anything you wish me to do". Silence.....

I soon realized I was an Atheist.

I do think it is counter productive to ridicule a person for asking this question.

it was a joke, the punchline was "to whom it may concern"

@engineer_in_nj I do realize that now and it was funny. I frequent site where I answer questions concerning Christian history and atheism. Many questions are ridiculously stupid. I often skip many of those questions. The most important part of answering a question on those sites is being honest without being rude. If one is successful one can offend their beliefs without offending the person.


I don't.


Holy crap!!!


What the fuck?


They don't.


To whom it may concern

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