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QUESTION #MeToo Backlash | January 17, 2018 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS - YouTube

Do you believe the me-too movement with all of it's pros and cons ,positives and negatives are helping open up a discussion about sex that we very rarely have in our culture.

Kojaksmom 8 Jan 19

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I think I have just figured out my thoughts on the "me too" movement. It is a movement our society needed. It also was inevitable. Men using power to coerce women is obviously wrong and obviously has been happening. Men making ongoing comments that make someone uncomfortable, but the person is in jeopardy of losing their job if they object, obviously is a problem also. I think everyone can understand it sucks to have to work in a hostile environment day after day. That being said, the human element always complicates things. I don't think it is a good idea to take every allegation on blind faith. I have my doubts about some of the allegations against Franken. There is also a few where it is questionable that it was harrasment or abusive - like in the case of Aziz Ansari. I can only compare it to people receiving government help. Are there a small number of people who game the system and get benefits they do not really need or are entitled to? Of course there is but that is not a reason to get rid of government benefits that are needed. The problem is, the people who do not like the idea of the "me too" movement will use possible false allegations as a way to discredit the entire movement. That puts everyone in a quandary. We have two bad choices...Say I question the legitimacy of Franken's first accuser, then I run the risk of feeding those who want to discredit the entire movement. If I take every allegation on blind faith, I discredit truth and I'm rambling....I know the "me too" movement is important because I've worked with too many women who have been affected by various forms of abuse by men.

Well said


I am totally support Me Too and Times Up. I think we still have a lot of work to do educating men and women what constitutes consent thou as I think the article about Aziz Ansari was more about a bad date then assault or harassment.


No. I don’t. Something needs to happen, but I think this will have a more negative reaction than the members of that movement anticipate. The accusations w/o proof that are leveled against men are tantamount to witch hunting. I think a more measured approach is due that involves rigorous investigation and prosecution for sexual harassment.
This crap with Al Franklin is a perfect example. I’ve seen the careers of men destroyed by false accusations by women trying to take advantage. When the only thing you need to do is accuse someone of something, then there’s a real problem.


My mother age 85 in 1999 told her first fellatio "joke" in public about Monica semen stained dress and White House desperation that First Lady's not doing her wifey duties to protect other women from the President

I think that's a really shit joke. It shows a level of misogyny that's nauseating

@Kojaksmom not my joke my mom heard it and repeated it on the phone to a neighbor her age ....Clinton Crime Families dragged America into the misogynistic gutter not me nor my mom

@GreenAtheist that's debatable


Feeling safer and safer to tell the truth now about rapist priests living felony popes misogynistic business perpetrators serial career assailants like Bill Cosby and Presidential RAPISTS like Clinton and their enablers like Billary

Oh gee, I feel so safe now.

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