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My guttering candle of hope for the future is definitely pinned on young people aging into the political arena, and it's heartening that even evangelical young people are skewing far less knee-jerk conservative than their parents. The open question is how quickly young people will be subsumed into the collective and how quickly they will become more conservative as they age. That's concerning to me in that the population generally is aging, it's not like the sheer numbers of young people coming of age will keep up with the sheer numbers of old coots pining for the Bad Old Days. So the impact the young ultimately have will depend on how enduring their devotion to liberal thinking actually is.


The New Yorker is subscription only. I couldn't read the link.

Are you sure? I don't have a subscription and am able to see the article. Too bad cause it's a good read...

@Alvingo1 I was blocked from reading it, but found a brief summary of the gist of the article by googling the title in other sources.

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