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The thing that popped in my head with this was major job cuts if this is pushed.

Maybe, but it would have to be due to automation, i.e. robots. If not, the same number of worker-hours would still be needed. In order to cut jobs, that would mean those workers left would get more hours. I suspect that would make many part-time empolyees into full-time employees, meaning they'll probably get benefits, or more benefits.

One of the problems with all this, is that some workers might not actually be employed by these companies, but rather by temp agencies. As I understand it, Amazon does this. I'm not sure how temp workers would factor into the issue.

@bingst The major problem would be similar to what is happening in California with it minimum wage dollar amount being raised. The remaining workers are under more stress to do extend work or a much heavier work load. If they can't handle it they are just not asked back to the job. The temp agency just finds some inane reason to not use that employee again.

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