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How do you view indoctrination?

I was cautious with my children. We did attend church for a couple years (I was employed there), but when I began to transition out, and after I was no longer religious, I let my children decide for themselves.

One of my kids kept going to church with friends for a couple years more before figuring out on her own that it was BS. (Yay!)

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The problem with indoctrination is that it is an endless cycle that has been going on for countless generations. Adults who don't believe indoctrinate their children anyway in one particular religious belief system using the excuse that they can "decide for themselves later." Then their children often end up doing the exact same thing to their children using the exact same excuse, etc. But is it really that simple? First of all, the hold of early indoctrination is so strong that very few are able to truly break free of its hold, probably no more than 7-8%. It is really similar to trying to break free from an addictive way of thinking, feeling, and identifying. Secondly, the children soak up these beliefs because they unquestionably trust their parents and when they realize later what has really happened, that their parents have indoctrinated them in a system of belief that even they don't believe, their trust in their parents can be shattered for life. Thirdly, even those who do see it all as BS may become so cynical at having been "tricked" into believing in such a system for years for mere socialization purposes will probably never become true agnostic/atheists but atheistic rebels with their own narrow-minded way of considering such matters. Then you are simply trading one form of narrow-mindedness for another.

Interesting thoughts. I will bring this up the next time I am at one of my local secular gatherings and see what they think, if they can relate. It will be interesting convo I’m sure.


We were an active church going family when the kids were growing up. My kids pretty much figured out on their own that it was BS, going off to college helped. We were a military family, so away from biological family and the church was our family and social life. I led several groups, did bible studies, the kids went to VBS, sunday school, church, choir and church camp. Their dad got more and more uninvolved with them as he got more involved with his religious website. Post divorce I tried to find a church, but the truth is churches are not welcoming of middle aged single women. Then I was introduced to Zeitgeist, and did some additional reading and it was like an awakening. My kids attitude was "what took you so long."

“Awakening” is a great way to put it!


I believe in both freedom and education. Both will result in the loss of religion.

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