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I borrowed this from the library. I’ve been trying to learn from friends how to catch fallacies (and respond to them) and hoping this simple book with illustrations will help me! Any tips or examples you would like to add?

SimplyMe 5 Jan 20

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I am going to see if this is on Nook! Thanks for the info!


I found that the best book for catching fallacies for me was Daniel Kahneman's Fast and Slow ( It allows you to identify the mechanics of fallacies, rather than their structure. From there, I would recommend Peter Boghossian's A Manual for Creating Atheists ( or Street Epistemology, as he would rather have called it).

One thing I strongly recommend is not naming the fallacies, especially with lay people. People will confuse the name of the fallacy with calling them something. "That's an appeal to ignorance" will be interpreted as "you're stupid"; instead, use a phrase or question like "isn't that conclusion based on your rejection of something that you find suspicious or don't understand?" or "if you don't see how this could be so without your god, how can you expect someone to do so with it?".

Thank you for the meaningful input, @hlfsousa! I am familiar with Boghossian’s book (a friend on FB too), and, I think I’ve heard of Kahneman's book. I do need to put those books on my list to borrow!


I own a copy <3

Bought it for my kid but fell in love with it so it's in the family library now.

Wonderful! Thank you for commenting!


The YouTube channel rationalityrules is an excellent resource. It kills me how many young kids are so darn smart.

Thank you! I’ve just made a note of that, @DavidLaDeau!


I just checked and my library has that book, so I am going to check it out in more ways than one!!

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