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LINK Ivanka Trump tweet celebrating Labor Day

She is as big a moron as her supposed daddy.

HippieChick58 9 Sep 3

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I didn't read it. Is it about the children laboring in overseas sweat shops to make her trash?

Ivanka tweeted: On #LaborDay we honor the American worker, past and present, who built our great country and celebrate the many accomplishments of the people (a record 156 million!!) who make up today’s American workforce!

One reply was: Ironic coming from the woman who only employed workers in sweat shops in third world countries.

And another: You don't honor workers, you exploit them, globe jumping to find cheap labor to produce your goods. Meanwhile, your father and republicans put into place a tax bill that was a give away to corporations, did nothing for working people and will burden our children for a lifetime


Lets hope that next Labor Day her and the whole gang are bustin rocks on a chain gang.


Biggest eye roll ever!!


She has never labored i n her life and caused many to work without any labor protection in her businesses.

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