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How manly are you?

By Wrytyr7
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I have two so far that I bought from UT. Great products and awesome customer service. Brice is a really nice guy.

Check out my profile for pics of one of them.


Yes, please!



I grew up wearing dresses/skirts to school. We couldn't wear slacks until after 1967 or so. Once I started wearing slack/jeans I never looked back. I can't imagine wearing a skirt for rough work, I don't even wear skirts to go to my desk job. Give me jeans anyday.


yeah got 2 made to measure kilts £400. ea 15 yrs ago when the pound was actually worth something these seem ok not to expensive, was going to get something similar made about 10 yrs ago as pockets would be useful but i put the money towards a trike

weeman Level 7 Sep 4, 2018
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