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Not sure this correct category, don’t suppose it matters.
Seems the Catholic Church is having issues with weekly mass attendance due to flu, at epidemic like conditions in some areas.
I’m assuming “thoughts and prayers” are having the usual effects. Honestly, I’m not gleeful, have family and friends attending these weekly rituals.

Tomas 7 Jan 21

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Makes me happy to stay home when I can and that I don't work with little kids (aka germ factories.) This has been a long winter....


Why will I be concerned about whatever the catholic church congregation is doing or not doing? The concept of god is no longer of my concern.

Not suggesting you should have any concern, it’s more the irony of “thoughts and prayers” continuing it’s usual effect on anything.

@Tomas I believe in ignoring them.


We have a long tradition of holding hands in a circle and singing the Peace Song. I recently suspended this practice. When I announced it, I said we would all be safe and keep our hands to ourselves for a while. We will definitely put some hand sanitizers in the sanctuary soon though.

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