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What are the other atheist / agnostic groups and sites are you members of?

I am a member of many atheist groups and sites, I ask because I have seen some have come on this one, and seam like its the only time they have joined a site like this, and its their first time being around like minded people.

MichaelSpinler 8 Jan 21

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Freedom From Religion Foundation is fighting to keep church and state separate - and they are swamped with issues all over the country. (Seems HS athletic coaches really like to proselytize to their teams, for one). They have taken on the Gov of Texas, and many more with astounding success.
GO !! The small fee they charge for membership gets you a monthly newsletter that has a section called 'crank mail' where they publish some of the mail they receive - worth the fee in itself! Here is the link, I encourage anyone that is unfamiliar to check it out. []

It was an FFRF billboard in NYC that finally pushed me over the edge to announce my non-belief and be proud of it! I also just discovered "Friendly Atheist" from a link on this site and will be checking it out as well.


Only this one for me. I have never done FB. No interest. I checked out a couple of Google Groups Atheism, but held little interest. This site was what I was hoping for, though I wasn't looking and found it by accident. Hope to continue, unless of course a Civil War breaks out between Atheists and Agnostics, and Agnostics win and I have to haul my battered Atheist cyber presence outta here. ---- Hey, only joking Agnostics. šŸ™‚


This is the only one I frequent.


In FB I am part of two Atheists has members from different countries and the second only from Argentina.


I was a member of two local groups; one not longer exist and the other has few members whom I don't, right now only Agnostics is my fun.
I was planning to join AA but I don't like institutions that tell me how much I must pay.


"Science, Theology, History and Philosophy Discussion" Facebook group


Just this one so far. Iā€™m struggling with finding other sites Iā€™d feel comfortable being. Like that picture, by the way lol.


I am a member of OMAHA - Omaha Metro Area Humanists Association, also an inactive memeber of REASON (Rationalists, Empiricists And Skeptics Of Nebraska)


Atheist Republic - Atheist vs Christian Debate Center - A Science Enthusiast - Alternative Science - Pantheism --- There is a lot of action on A vs CDC but it's mostly just pissing contests.

Who doesn't like a pissing contest??? šŸ™‚

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