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QUESTION Judge: God Told Me to Sway Jury to Acquit Defendant in Sex Trafficking Trial – Friendly Atheist

We already know Robison doesn’t like when people disagree with him, that he has no problem abusing his power, and that he follows a voice in his head instead of the evidence in front of him, so he has the makings of a religious fundamentalist. He also thinks he’s above the law to the point where he tried to free a now-convicted sex trafficker based on what he believes God wants. Thankfully, the jury cared more about evidence than someone’s supposed divine message.

Robison is expected to return to the bench at the end of the month. We don’t know if the voices in his head will make a comeback too.

zblaze 7 Jan 21

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We have that in Texas, our politicians think they're the Right Arm of the Angry God, very dangerous situation. Dangerous beliefs.


God has no standing in a court room and honestly if they did it should be as a defendant

And yet there is a "In God We Trust" sign in every friggen courtroom!! Blows my mind.

I figure you would have to serve the Pope, as his registered agent for Service of process.


I read about this. I believe he is now under JQC investigation. What cracks me up is that the jury essentially told him to fuck off and convicted the guy anyway.

Not only is the whole religious part of this wrong, but God hadn’t entered an appearance (nor did he have standing) and he had that conversation with God ex parte, ie, without the parties being able to participate. I mean, seriously, if your delusions are going to affect your judicial actions, you should at LEAST follow the rules!


This funnymentalist should NOT be sitting on a bench judging anyone.


Here is clear evidence of a person in power, who has shown his inability to carry out the function which he has been trusted to carry out. A clear case of religious brainwashing, which has destroyed his ability to make rational decisions.

His position should be withdrawn instantly..


If he's hearing voices in his head he really needs to be under psychiatric care.

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