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Is it still cold at your house?

Its a freaking 72 degrees over here. My house is still at 65 but I'm going to loose it later on today. I don't like temps higher than

BucketlistBob 8 Jan 21

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I live in Southern California and yesterday was one of the coldest days we've had this winter... it was 57 degrees. We've been averaging in the mid 70's with a few days in the mid 80's.


70 in North Alabama today... and sunny! Took a long walk in the state park, and came home and mowed the grass!

skado Level 9 Jan 21, 2018

Mowed the grass? Mine finally died.

@BucketlistBob I had a patch that didn't get mowed before it died, and needed cleaning up. It's still dead, but looks better now. 🙂


It is in the low 40s or high 30s today and trying to rain. It is still winter, and dreary, and dirty. I just exist until winter is over.

Tomorrow its supposed to get colder... ugh it's warm over

@BucketlistBob we have rain changing to snow in our forecast for tonight, and a warning that the drive to work may be challenging. Fun.

@HippieChick58. It's suppose to get a bit cooler... I'm missing the snow though.... glad I don't have to work

@BucketlistBob I am having an internal when to retire debate. I need more info. I just turned 60, so maybe 62. My job is not as secure as I would like so can I survive if my job ends before I turn 62. And then there is Trump....

@HippieChick58. I tell everyone to do the math before they consider anything...

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