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Who here has an obsession with different religions and the reasons why they came to be?

I have been heavily researching all the religions I can just for fun and everyone around me can't understand why I do this. I am just fascinated by how people are so creative and how the religions develop over time :3

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LaVeyAthan 4 Jan 21

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I would not necessarily say I am obsessed with the specifics of given religions. Rather, my curiosity extends to belief in general. Why do people need to build up a pseudo world that they then "believe" in? I can live just fine without embracing religion and it's bizarre notions. But then, I am very analytical. It seems like my intuitive friends are more likely to see the "hand of God" working to direct their lives. Likewise, those who are insecure and need more more emotional support find it in their contrived belief system. Reality and rationality seem inadequate for the purpose of living life.


I find All mythologies fascinating and have since I first read about the ancient Greeks. I also enjoyed Tolkien.


My favorite is southcottianism
Check them out


To me, knowledge is power and I do like to learn about different cults, what makes these people follow this dogma, etc. For example Scientology, I am learning a LOT through Leah Remene series on A&E. Very educational. Also that morman series they had on too was interesting. I have collected a lot of stuff through the years but it's not a compulsive obsessive behavior by any stretch.


I've been interested in the mythology behind world religions since I studied Joseph Campbell while writing my first masters thesis. Later on in my life, while traveling abroad, this earlier interest enriched my experience of the cultures in which I found myself. So it's not an obsession, just a curiosity about the big wide world out there, of which people's religious beliefs are a part--for better or worse.


It's not an obsession, but two summers ago I dug into several books about Scientology and the fundamentalist FLDS Mormon church. I enjoyed stories of people who escaped them. The stories are tragic, but fascinating.


I love all of the myths from every religion. I know a little about most of them, even Satanism. I think they are all interesting. Whenever I can, I talk to people about their religion to see why they want to be a part of it and what differentiates it from other religions.


I've always been obsessive about whatever I am learning about. It was religion for a while. Now it's a bit of everything. When I was in the Philippines I visited about 20 different churches in one day. Those guys thought I was really religious. I just liked the history because many of those buildings dated back to the 15 hundreds. I also liked the sunsets and beaches and flowers and life. Go for the gusto.

gearl Level 7 Jan 21, 2018

Although I have studied broadly, I like to avoid obsessive behavior. It isn't conducive to learning things objectively.


The first few years after I left the Mormon religion I spent a lot of time learning about different religions and found it quite interesting. When I was in grade school I loved learning about the ancient Greek and Egyptian Gods. There are some really fascinating things about the world's religions both old and new. When I learned how many other religions had their own savior birth, death, and resurrection stories that mirrored that of Jesus in the bible I was kind of shocked!

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