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Hello everyone, nice to have an intellectual site like this.

Unbelievable 1 Jan 21

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Thanks for all the kind words everyone.




Pull up a chair, set yourself down, and make yourself comfortable. Enjoy the smorgasbord.




Welcome to the community. 🙂


its much better than fb. not many woo believers and trolls to contend with. hope you enjoy it. welcome to the site

why would someone agree with a reality that could not be backed in facts and evidence? rational people would not. woo is for magical ideas, or non scientific ideas, if you can back your ideas with empirical evidence, its not woo. what makes you think we havent already researched an idea, because we call it woo/

i hear ya silver. because i have researched all the popular woo, i think i can call it that. things i call woo>>> ghost. the ancient aliens show. chemtrails, flat earth, holow moon, faked moonlandings, souls, afterlives, gods, religions, lock ness monsters. big foot. truthers, antivaxers, homeopothy. just off the top of my head of things i have done my homework on


Yeah, it's pretty cool. Like a little vacation from Facebook.


Welcome aboard

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