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Can one of you brilliant minds tell me how the percentage of the heart is determined on this site?

Truly, I'd like to know. Maybe I should add some information or look at that to determine like-mindedness.

JustLuAnn 7 Jan 21

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you seemingly have more in common the higher the %


TIME OUT! - wtf is this heart thing... I don't see it anywhere.

LOL you must not be looking for a relationship. I think its only on those who said they wouldn't mind meeting someone. I don't see a heart on yours at all.

Ah, okay, I get it. @JustLuAnn - sorry for prying. No, I'm happily married; here for the conversation. Though my wife tells me I'm a big flirt...

@Hominid Flirt away. This is a good place for everyone!


For example, you are showing 90%. I went to your profile and clicked on the heart and it displayed this:
You're both the right gender for each other.
You're looking for at least one of the same things in a relationship.
JustLuAnn's relationship status is what you're looking for.
Your relationship status is what JustLuAnn is looking for.
JustLuAnn's education background is what you're looking for.
Your education background is what JustLuAnn is looking for.
You both consider yourselves Atheist
You both are into Food, Love, Travel and Movies.
You both are in typical age ranges for each other
JustLuAnn lives too far away from you (974 miles) [0.9]

I hope this helps.

Thank you so much. And you are showing 90% on my end too.


They taped into your inner physiology and are matching at random to see if they guessed corectly.


It's Magic


Press the pink heart on a person's profile and the list of reasons common to the two unfolds.


The percentage of the heart can only be determined within yourself and your own judgement.

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