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How is human influence changing the climate?

Weather is the state of the atmosphere at a certain place and time. An area's climate is weather over a long period of time, not just one day. As a result, climate affects environment. A region's environment, and the living things that inhabit the area, depend a great deal on its climate. Athough humans depend on climate, we seem to be changing it in many ways thereby creating global warming.

How is human influence changing the climate?


sciteachmd 6 Jan 21

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Deforestation, overpopulation, fossil fuel burn, carbon emission in the atmosphere are all things that human are doing to influence the climate.




There are many factors, but the politicians and the media want us focused on carbon. Few talk about such factors such as deforestation and urbanization. Both of these things affect the atmosphere's ability to "regulate" its carbon dioxide levels. Fewer trees, as well as plants in general, means fewer organisms consuming carbon dioxide. Urban areas are largely concrete "jungles" where greenway is at a premium, also reducing the number of organisms that would be consuming carbon dioxide. This is just one example of a factor that is rarely brought up anymore.

This isn't to say that climate change is not real. It is. The problem is that the public, as usual, is not getting the whole story.


Mostly ignorance, not knowing or believing consumerism has its affects.

Tomas Level 7 Jan 22, 2018

And this

Also interesting, the same strain of seaweed will help us get rid of the plastic problem because they have found a way to produce biodegradable plastics from it. Two other forms of sea algae are also involved in biodegradable plastics. Let's hear it for science.

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