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Any chefs or cooks on here?

Thinking of learning how to cook.

Rammymartin10v3 4 Jan 22

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Yes, in my own mind, I am a gourmet chef.
And, sometimes just a cook.
And, sometimes I sit at a table in restaurant.

To get back to your second sentence, I say do it!

  1. It's enjoyable and mostly rewarding -- including when feeding others.
  2. It costs less to eat at home -- and when you cook a lot, there are almost always ingredients to make something already in your cabinets or freezer.
  3. You get to try some new things that you've had in a restaurant or that just look yummy (I.e you see it on a web site) . 4. It's a great skill to have when having company over -- romantic or platonic.
  4. Cooking together can be a very enjoyable way to spend quality time with a child, a friend, or a romantic partner.

A class would be a good start. Or do some reading on basics, cooking/baking vocabulary and tricks and hacks. There are TONS of helpful tools out there -- measurement conversions, the smoking point of all the oils, why not to do this (like not to put uncut tomatoes in the fridge - EVER), and on and on.

If you mess up, it's not the end of the world. Usually it's still edible. Keep us posted if you give it a go! 🙂

Wow, spacing is going a little wacky this morning.


I've been cooking since I was 5 years old. If I had the start up capitol to make a restaurant or cookbook, I'd do so.


I did it professionally for 16 years..from dishwasher to exec..loved it..except for all the paperwork as exec..and Not getting to work the line as much.

Do you make strawberry recipes anytime?

As in baking or cooking?

@Charlene baking

Not great at baking..I am more saucier and entree creator..sorry..


Nope. But I teach cookery to kids at school....

Do you bake? I can't make cinnamon rolls.

Not often, I need to teach technique with dishes that can be completed in under an hour.

I'm self taught, mostly from books, TV and watching others. Once you understand basic prep techniques and how different food groups work together with classic dishes you can start to experiment and modify recipes, add or remove ingredients to match your store cupboard and then make up your own dishes. Some will work and some will fail spectacularly, but that's all part of the fun of cooking.

@Rammymartin10v3 Have you tried more than ten times to make cinnamon rolls or does just the idea scare you?

@Uncorrugated Great suggestions!


Hello dear


Very much so. And hoping to move soon into a new home with a dream kitchen that lovely spouse and I designed.

I’ve project-managed many cookbooks, and diet books with recipes, but I’ve gotta say that the Web is the best resource for cooks at any level.

Yeah, I’ve photographed some book pages for recipes not online, and even bought a few cookbooks. But whether you’re googling for a recipe just because you have a specific ingredient, or want to learn the hows/whys on sites like The Kitchn or Serious Eats or Amazing Ribs (my favorites; apologies if you don’t do meat), there’s so much great reading out there, whether original or copied from other sites, that you may find yourself too busy to cook and ordering delivery instead.

P.S. I am the world’s WORST baker.


I love doing it, I get few complaints, but I am far from professional and not professionally trained. I love baking the best. All from scratch of course!

Choco lava cake ?

Ok this one I actually can bake..
I use Dark chocolate...mmmmmm


I'm an armature cook. I make everything from scratch. I enjoy experimenting. Also like baking.


I am autodidact and have a knack for cooking baking have invented my own recipes and do expert class recipes that is when I have someone around that will eat what I make. My 6 year old twins refuse to eat gourmet dishes.

Perhaps your twins would prefer a frozen pizza lol

@steve148 Never do frozen, handmade 24 hours in fridge for the crust.

@azzow2 but the twins might like the frozen more

@steve148 technicality we live way far away from a grocery store to consider frozen.


I was a professional line cook for years. I still do it on occasion, either volunteering or to make some extra cash. My brother was a chef for about a decade. We both grew up cooking. I find it relaxing and rewarding. I say go for it!

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