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He's BACK! President Obama Rebukes Trump for the First Time

The country is facing a "backlash" moment, and the current president is a symptom, President Obama said.

I LOVE President Obama.


LiterateHiker 9 Sep 7

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I bet he can actually pronounce "anonymous".

The part about this being a symptom struck a nerve. The direction the world and our country has been evolving and the environmental crises has created a great rift. Social scientists have predicted this for years. A recent Atlantic had a report about how the presidency has become too complicated for one person. Our political system has failed to keep up. Even Thomas Jefferson realized the Constitution would have to constantly change to keep up with changing times. Look at the example of guns. Do you think things would be different had the founders saw the development of modern weapons? The old system has created too many loopholes for influence by corrupt individuals. Too many politicians look at only what they can get as the constituency has too many competing demands. 

The problem is, those which the current system allowed to take power will be the last to revise their method of having acquired it.. The American Revolution wasn’t initiated by lackeys for the powers that be, those called themselves ‘Loyalists.’ Our Founding Fathers were more like us than those currently lavishing praise on a would-be king ..while awaiting his table scraps…

@Varn And this is how and why the system changes and the people need to be aware of what is going one and force change. One big problem then and even more so now is because of what is known as the "Landed Gentry". Too much influence by those who have little connection in how a system works. It was realized, early on that for a democracy to work the majority have to be literate. I question the veracity of immigrants, many of whom do not speak the language of the country yet being allowed to vote. I worked a Seattle polling station for 5 years and many of the ballots were printed in Chinese. I have a big problem with that.


Ever the contrarian, I have come to believe he was a great campaigner, and speaker, and he was as honorable a politician as comes along, but was a mediocre administrator and too careful at all times. He could have accomplished so much more. He does look good next to the great orange simian, but then so would Rodney Dangerfield.

Valid point.. My take is his being biracial left him timid, always looking for common ground; leading with politeness, a propensity to follow the rules of others … while a vicious opposition attempted to eat him alive. Too much Jimmy Carter and not enough Slick Willy. Though compared to what we’ve got now - a God ~


Republican's stated goal was to make President Obama fail. They were called the "Party of No." Shame on them!

Vote Republicans Out of Office!


If only Obama forced universal health care through instead, then I'd be infinitely happier and we all be better off. Oh, we also wouldn't be laughed at regularly.

I hear Canada is going to build a wall 3 feet high. That way when Americans come crawling north after getting our coal mining jobs back, we'll seek out health care due to having black lung that prevemts us from walking. Yay!

Obama and the Democrats played by the rules … while the Republicans broke them.. Had the Democrats done the same, yes - we’d have the equivalent of Hillarycare, with extended lifespans to show for it…

As for Canada’s 3 foot wall, that is one of the funniest & saddest things I’ve read. Thanks 😕


I liked and admired President Obama more than any other since I became old enough to vote!


I miss obama!!!


Oh good, Obama criticizing Trump will certainly galvanize Trump supporters to vote.

they'll vote for the moron anyway

@Xena Why encourage them?

@maturin1919 Really, I know lot's of Trump supporters. None even remotely ressembles a rabid dog, though calling them such no doubt helps get them motivated to vote.

Obama’s trying to motivate the same slackers that let him down two years into his presidency.. His opposition votes, constantly, that’s why they appear to win..

@Druvius it won't matter. They're galvanized already. They will vote. Obama is getting Democrats galvanized, as well as independents and the rare republicans who are sick of trump and the Senate Republicans. I hope he speaks again before the election!

@StrongHappySilly I hope you're right, but sure seems like the Dems are going into the elections with the same playbook that cost them the White House in 2016. We'll see.


The world needs him

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