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Has anybody out there ever experienced hallucinations without the influence of drugs or alcohol.

I was unpacking a glass topped table which was too heavy to lift, so I started to roll it into position, I heard the sounds of shattered glass and even recognised the sounds of treated glass of which a table top would be equippted with. I went into the house to check on a warranty and returned to the package, out of curiosity I ripped open the package and found the glass top to be in perfect unbroken condition.

[ another time ] I was looking for my car keys and could not find them. I thought that they were probably in the trousers that I was wearing the day before. I went to the bedroom and sure enough they were in the pocket, I grasped them and heard the sounds of disturbed keys and withdrew my hand, but accidently dropped them on the floor. I went to pick them up and they were not there. I later found them in another room. Both experiences were as real to me as if they were authentic. A fascinating experience.

madmac 7 Jan 22

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Yes. Hallucinogen ingestion, and withdrawal sicknesses ( Delirium Tremens aka DTs) both provided a spiritual experience, but neither were (according to Dr. Jung, vital) sufficient to affect a permanent change in my character.


I was deprived of water for 4 days and that does the job


That phenomenon can be understood through understanding quantum physics. Essentially, the universe breaks down to Energy. That energy is either potential or kinetic and can affect the world around us. I routinely find dimes all over the place, always unexplained. Its simply coincidence, but break down that word - co incidence; two things that go together. I would suggest reading Alice in Quantumland; its an easy read and explained alot for me


I'm still trying to convince myself that the Mango Mussolini currently residing in our White House is an hallucination.



As a child I saw the reflection of my dog in the bathroom mirror for a second but he had died several months before. Although I was religious at the time I never did think it was a ghost but, that memory has stayed with me ever since.

As a teenager I was talking to somebody and, again just for a few seconds, I could see myself as if from an outside point of view. I haven't hallucinated in any obvious ways since then, not when sober at least!


Have dreams like that.

Hi Sassygirl, Yes, dreams sure can go " walkabout ", some are memorable but some are gone without a chance to re- experience them. I never dream about familiar scenery or places but they all seem to be quite complicated constructions of a brain too proud to resurrect images of familiar places. Another strange thing is When I sleep with a radio going, I almost 95% of the time, wake at a few minutes to the half hourly news which I like to listen to. [ Perhaps I subconsciously hear the introduction to the news which wakes me up ] there has to be a simple reason for this. best wishes to you Sassy.


Pneumonia and a fever of 104 did it for me.


Yes, I do every night when I sleep.

skado Level 8 Jan 22, 2018

This is not a hallucination skado.

I totally understand. It’s different when pretty girls say it, for me too. 😉 @madmac


Just once, when I passed out. I went to a beautiful land where everything was perfect and full of joy. I was so happy.

Then I woke up in the bathtub with my then-bf shaking me. I didn't recognize him at first. And what I mean is, not just his face--i didn't recognize his human form. Didn't know what he was. Didn't know where I was, why I wasn't in the beautiful place anymore.

I was super pissed for a few seconds. Then I remembered human life and everything made sense again.

Weirdest thing.


I hallucinated after brain surgery in 2000. Thankfully it did not last long. It was super scary. Thankfully also I had the presence of mind to know what was happening.


I can't say it wasn't induced by chemicals because it was brought on by having driven almost 72 hours straight with only stops of necessity during the trip. Near the end of this trip I began seeing things either in the road or crossing it and there were a couple of occasions where I was so convinced something was there I slammed on the brakes or swerved to miss them. Also, when I finally stopped, the roadway appeared to be traveling away from me or I was rolling backwards. All very real in my mind.

Hi Evidentialist, you have mirrored a similar experience to me. My wife was in the hospital 200 miles away from home,with serious problems, she was coming home and I also was returning. I should not have been driving as I was dangerously tired, but I did return.and at a crossroad controlled by traffic lights They were showing red. I stopped and did not have a clue what was the significance of this colour was, I stopped to think about what to do but eventually moved on.....How could I forget the meaning of traffic light colours after 75 years of accident free driving !!!! Extreme tiredness can scramble the brains reasoning.

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