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LINK Who is Zina Bash? John's wife revealed after being accused of white supremacy at Kavanaugh's hearing | Daily Mail Online

Soooo, what do YOU think? Is she a racist or was it an innocent gesture.

By HippieChick589
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The OK hand gesture has been associated with Trump supporters and the alt-right at least as far back as early 2015.[10]

In February of 2017, users on the anonymous imageboard /pol/ of 4chan set out on a prank to convince mainstream media outlets that the OK hand gesture had been hijacked for use by white supremacists to signal one another publicly.[11] The pranksters claimed that the three upward fingers of the OK hand sign represented the letter “W” while the circle formed by joining of the index finger to the thumb leading down the arm represented the letter "P". The acronym formed by "W" and "P" was asserted to be shorthand for “White Power.” The original thread produced infographics explaining this usage concisely, which were subsequently spread to many different media outlets according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The hoax began to gain traction when media outlets began reporting on the usage of the OK gesture as if it were, in fact, being used as a white supremacist hand gesture.[12] Most of these media outlets have since recanted their statements, citing the official response from the ADL.[citation needed] The ADL has confirmed that the OK gesture is not a white supremacist hand sign.[13]

However, while the "OK" sign as a specific white power symbol was found to be a 4chan prank, it has been used as a gesture of identification among members of the white nationalist alt-right movement.[14] When asked about use of the "OK" sign, Right wing celebrity Lauren Southern said, “We just say ‘do the thing’ and everyone knows what you're talking about.” She linked use of the "FU" sign by the Alt-Right community to a gesture commonly used by United States President Donald Trump.[15] In July 2018, four Alabama police officers were suspended for being photographed making the hand gesture, since changing the uncertainty of the acceptable use of the sign.[16] Some Internet users have accused people in the political sphere of using the gesture.[17][18][19]


It’s not a comfortable gesture to maintain.

Sydland Level 7 Sep 9, 2018

According to what I could dig up during a Google search and on the Snopes website it wasn’t a white power or racist symbol.

DGJ0114 Level 7 Sep 8, 2018

[] It isn't a natural relaxed way to hold your hand. I'd give her the benefit of the doubt, but the stakes are too high for that.


According to what I could dig up during a Google search and on the Snopes website it wasn’t a white power or racist symbol.

DGJ0114 Level 7 Sep 8, 2018

She knows what she's doing. She knows it!


I watched the first hours of the hearing and noticed the woman seated behind the man who more than likely will be in the Supreme Court. However, I did not notice the gesture in question. I cannot glean enough info from a pic and would have to see this in context (actual video) to determine if this lady made intentional gestures. She looks as though annoyed and possibly stressing through her hand finger zones. Though it is not a subject that I think is worthy of this much attention. I don't like this man that the fuss is all about. I believe Trump is a crook whom will never come clean. This hearing to me is just a sham to quell the masses into believing that everything is on the up and up. Yup.


Racist gesture

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