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LINK Murder in America - Murder map: Deadliest U.S. cities - Pictures - CBS News

St. Louis is the deadliest city in the US. My city is on the list as well. There are some (to me) surprises.

HippieChick58 9 Sep 9

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I have lived in three different countries, two continents. Life is no different. If there is a place in the world free of murder then I would love to go there. In the meantime, even when there are lots of information out there trying to tarnish this country, I am very happy where I live now and I understand I am not exempt from getting kilked, no one is. This is just the reality we all are living and likely it has always been like this, we just didn't have means to get the info at our disposal. So yes, there is murder in the US but so there is everywhere else.


My town is number 2. I just scrolled to the top 5 since Baltimore is always in there.


No time to scroll through 63 pages and two much advertising. It's getting harder day by day to find content with a minimum of ads. Frustrating


DC 17th.


Made me look! Las Vegas is #6. That's one statistic I didn't check before I moved here!

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