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Rock Hound?

I’d love to swap local rocks with others.

I have a lot of obsidian, agate, and jasper.

I’d almost die for some stromatolites (Australia), rainbow obsidian (Mexico and s America).

What do you collect in your region?

(Labradorite lady I’m working on)

Annaleda 8 Jan 22

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Tonight the nephew FaceTimed me to help him with his geology homework of identifying different minerals. So fun!


I live in the gem state, and am plan on looking for sapphire. I have various types of obsidian, but no rainbow.


Petoskey stones from Michigan.
My son collects and polishes some....I'll ask him

twill Level 7 Jan 23, 2018

Did your son want to trade rocks? I don’t even need them tumbled. 😉

@Annaleda I'll ask him Annaleda ....let ya know!

@Annaleda I haven't forgot....we've talked about it. I'll get it figured out on our end. Soon I hope


I have a piece of quartz that might weigh 20 lbs. I have been in other places with more interesting rocks. this isnt one of them


Wife collects rocks... I'm in Louisiana with rocks on my back porch from Arkansas...


My area is quite boring, there are a few small sites with semi precious stones. I too would love stromatolites, more for me, I was to go over and see them. One of the earliest life forms that are still around.


My Dad was into that. Have you ever heard of agate from Paintrock, Alabama? I assume that's what the town was named for. My Dad used to hike up in the hills and bring back 40 lbs. of it at a time.

skado Level 9 Jan 22, 2018
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