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Logical Fallacies

How to argue with a person that always use logical fallacies?

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GlaslowII 4 Sep 9

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Beat them at their own game with some new lesser known fallacies.
Just keep asking, how do you know that?


Beign aware of logical fallacies can keep you from being conned or duped.


There's a group here called street epistemology or something like that that has some interesting stuff on deconversion, including some how to stuff on dealing with exactly that issue.

Street Epistemology is correct, Anthony Magnabosco. He has lots of YouTube stuff to watch and a dedicated website.


Your question sets us (the question takers) up with a false-dichotomy fallacy; there are many ways to approach this question, such as gently approaching the fallacy user (in some cases, particularly if you know them on a personal level) and explaining why their assertion of 2 + 2 = ∞ – 1 (or something, occasionally, less absurd) doesn't add up. That third option (and a range of responses around it) is where productive dialogue can take place.

This is epic.


it depends on what kind of stake i have in busting those fallacies. i choose my battles -- wisely, i hope! so sometimes i just dismiss them. other times i may take the time to point out the fallacies one by one.


Best way to do just ignore them sometimes

@GlaslowII sometimes. not always. context context context! sometimes replying to them, while useless with regard to their understanding, helps other people who are also reading/listening.



I try to use logic to help the see my point of view. If it's a constant problem, I lessen or eliminate my interactions with them.


depends how drunk i am

Do you drink vodka?

@GlaslowII no no no lager whiskey gin occ red wine rum

I always like vodka tho


My advice would be to just ignore them, but who am I kidding here. Most of the time I can't just ignore that bs.

Dietl Level 7 Sep 9, 2018

That's right, and they actually proud to use that kind of analogies

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