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This night I have been thinking about a subject that I wanted to post about. By day I can't remember it anymore. Is that because I'm getting old or is the fact that I lost the structure of a church lead by a god causing that. I think I'm doing quite well without, but maybe the memories based on preconceptions that I erased also made holes in my memory. I don't know, but it is still uncomfortable.

Gert 7 Jan 23

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Hoi Gerrit. Het is zeker je nothing post en schrijf, dus niet binna het kerkof. Was de familie van je vrouw uit Friesland of Gronigen, (Reformed Christians)? Alstublieft, het spijt mijn heele slecht nederlandse.---------and before everybody gets all twisted into a knot, I will not practice my limited Dutch again.

Well, I do appreciate your effort. Really I do. And, inderdaad, mijn vrouw is volbloed Friezin. We zijn nu ruim acht jaar in Amerika en genieten met volle teugen.


I am 74 (as of two days ago), and this sort of thing happens to me quite a lot. The thing I am trying to remember generally comes back to me, though not necessarily at the most opportune time. I don't think the fact that I long ago lost my religious faith has anything whatever to do with it.

I didn't think that too, actually, but who knows the best ideas fall just out of the air and can surprise you or whoever πŸ™‚.

I did not "lose" my religious faith. The religious tell a person not to listen to the "Devil", not even the first time. Pick one: did anyone ever come back from the dead, walk on water, etc.? Once a person starts to think, it is a mad rush to get out the church door. 74! I'm about 110. Memory wasn't too bad at a 100, but now it is starting to go.


Maybe you are a vampire and don't function too well in the day....

Might, but I don't react on silver, so not likely I guess.

That's ok - I wasn't planning on sending any! πŸ˜‰


Perhaps you should be come a disciple of Siri? If you ask her to remember something for you she will, and she possesses the Knowledge of the Ages. and Google.

I don't like Siri and I don't like everybody yelling to her in a cosy living room. The worst though is that she can't get used to my accent. She never finds the right answer to my question, so I switched her off. Bye, bye Siri!

@Gert Have you ever heard of "Didi's Babblebox", a quiz, uit Nederland. It was fun.She and her quiz are gone; wish I could find them again. One night, I wrote "Paris" and they waited till I wrote "Parijs"- but we know all Dutchmen are crazy, en vrouwen ook. Tot ziens

Well @Diogenes, if it was a Dutch quiz, you should have expected that. And what you said about Dutchmen, indeed, Dutch are just as crazy as the Americans.
Ik zag gisteren een documentaire over Nederlanders die in de vijftiger jaren naar Amerika zijn geΓ«migreerd, just after WOII. and after 60 years still longing for the Netherlands. They never let go, never got used to the Americans and their way of life. Who are the crazy ones, the Dutch or the Americans where they can't get used to. I don't know. I'm feeling pretty well here after 8+ years


It may have to do with your brainwave state. At night you are likely in a relaxed alpha brainwave state, where insights are more prevalent. Write it down as soon as the idea comes to you. If you're lying in bed, keep a notebook and pen (or tablet) on your nightstand next to you. During the day, you are usually in a beta brainwave state.

That's indeed how it can work Victoria. I seem to be in an alpha state regularly by day too πŸ™‚. Opening Google to look-up something and than the subject of the window that is popping up attracts my attention and I forget what I wanted. Well, luckily it returns later. For me it's also a way of gaining knowledge the moment it comes to me.
I am really surprised that the remark I made with a wink of an eye gave these replies. I love it.

@Gert Now I don't know whether to take you seriously or not. πŸ˜‰

@VictoriaNotes All people out of Nederland are crazy--- but probably more stable than most North Americans.

@Diogenes Nederland? As in Nederland, Colorado or Nederland, Texas?

Clue me in.

@VictoriaNotes Okay, got me. I thought I might get a response from Gert too. I am sure Gert has a good sense of humour like other Dutch.----Talking more about Dutch things, I was at Kingston NY, long ago, and there was a very old cemetery there, dating back to New Holland. One of the gravestones said in Dutch,"Here lies the body of ..." and it had a scull and cross bones on it. Spooky! Looked like something out of a movie set.

@Diogenes OK, gotcha. I wasn't following the convo here, so wasn't aware that the Dutch had been brought up, otherwise, I would have associated Nederland with the Netherlands. Call me crazy, but I'd live there in a heartbeat as that country has long played an important role as the center of cultural liberalism, common sense, and tolerance.

@VictoriaNotes Well in the northern provinces, the Christian Reformed Church is present, and they are on the weird side. In the south, the former Catholic area, they probably tell the best jokes about religion. My former true-love was from Limburg, and we never thought about talking about religion. Be aware; drugs are a serious problem; the mayor of Heerlen was murdered by the drug dealers. But one thing, sex is more natural- but that still means "monogamous" for most people. It is not a world where there is the hypocrisy of Donald Trump.

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