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So has anyone else had a convo with someone recently about how this season's flu shot isn't on target, and they agreed, but then you found out they don't believe in evolution?

melyanna 3 Jan 23

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My daughter and I were given ours in November. No problems so far and no flu.


Wow, That thought never crossed my mind.


Whaaaat? Possible Darwin Award!!

jeffy Level 7 Jan 23, 2018

I have been taking the shot many years. Every year they say the same thing the virus mutates. This is just a fact the injection that you get is a weakened strain you can still get the flu. The inlucation helps minimize the chances and if you do get the flu the recovery time is quicker. The inulacition saves way more lives than it takes.


ironic right.


Nope. Big blue city on the left coast.


Good point you make


Yeah....the obviousness escapes them.

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