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LINK National Hurricane Center

update: currently 4 named storms in the Atlantic with a 70% chance of a 5th one in the next 48 hours

Lukian 8 Sep 12

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Helene already looks like a monster, with plenty of time to gain strength. Reminds me of last year's Irma closely followed by Maria.


Meh if it weren't for my kids and nieces and nephews I'd be pretty happy to see us swallowed by the sea.


We’re still recovering in H-town.. not like that matters. I certainly feel for everyone in the Carolinas right now.


maybe this explains it?



Looks like a hurricane party, being had by the hurricanes ! Shit.


Its the Christian God bowling for idiots ... Should have gone for DC and one for Mir A Lago...

Unfortunately, hurricanes are equal opportunity destroyers.

And please - don't wish any on Florida !


Wow!! this looks serious!

@Akfishlady I'm comforted 🙂

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