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What is the size and age of the Universe?

gater 7 Jan 23

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The knowable limits of the universe extend about 13 billion light years away from us. The age of the known universe is about 13 billion years.


Very, very big.

Very,very old.

(That's just a rough guess, but I reckon it's pretty close.)


The observable Universe is about 28 billion LY accross. The Universe itself is believed to be about 92 billion LY "accross." I put it in quotes because the Universe is believed to be finite but unbounded. There is no edge or outside the Universe. 92 billion LY being how far you can travel in a straight line before you find yourself back in the vicinity of where you started. This by the way is just the best best guess now, it is by no means established fact and there are other theories about the size and the shape of the Universe.

No - the Universe is infinite in age and size. The "known universe" has limits.

@DaveRampey I stand corrected, didn't read far enough, and the answer has changed in recent. Yes, current thinking is the Universe may well be infinite. []


The known or observable Universe is everything that we can see as a result of the big bang, approximately 15 billion years old, the size is approx. 91 billion light years in diameter.
However the actual Universe had no beginning, and it extends forever in every direction.

The known Universe is expanding - The Universe is not expanding - by definition it can not.

gater Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

I think scientist's believe it to be more than 900 billion light years across (light travels at 186,000 miles per second) They have different ways to calculate it, but it defies the mind to think of a number that big!


This is an interesting question. Is it possible that it is perceived as so vast that it has no end. Wonder if it our perception is vast and endless.


How do you measure the size of something if there are no established points of reference? If the universe began 13.82 billion years ago and there is no 'before' does that not evoke the notion of eternity, a period without beginning or ending?


13 meters across, and 12 years. However the meter we use on Earth isn't the actual meter, and the year is based on the rotation of the universe, not any particular solar system. Hope that helped.


fucked if I know. too deep to think about.


Really big and super old. Want more details?


Ah well, as there is no such thing as nothing then something has always had to exist and its always been and always will be endless

Ac08 Level 4 Jan 23, 2018

As compared to what? The universe is one universe old and one universe in size.

godef Level 7 Jan 23, 2018

Age about 13 1/2 billion years, size no one knows. but its big lol

and expanding..............


Infinite and approximately 13.5 Billion years.

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