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How toxic is your work environment ? I'm finding it tiresome and tedious. I go to work and come home and try to not get involved or listen to work politics but it's getting unhealthy.

Vic47 6 Jan 24

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I spent far too much time in toxic places. My last regular full time job could have killed me if I hadn't gotten out. Now my work environment is awesome -- my office is across the hall from my bedroom. I am so lucky to have interesting and well-paying work I can do from home.


I have been in some toxic places before. It is not a good feeling. My current job is quite nice actually (One of them at least). I keep my religious and political views to myself for sure..

MsAl Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

I am retired now, but I have grown middle age children, still in the work place and ALL of them report stress...a lot of stress! The only thing that I can say, is the need to have fun and to do light hearted things, outside work! It does help! The work stress, cannot be handled with the stroke of ONE brush. It is each person and even different work places! Good luck...I wish that I could say something that could help...but I have nothing.


I have tried asking my coworkers if we can leave politics out of the workplace, but not all have been kind enough to honor that request. I don't feel comfortable asking anyone to leave their religious beliefs at home, but I am irritated with that as well. I work quietly in discomfort and inner rage. I only mentioned my skepticism towards religion to one person at work, and she quickly passed judgement and turned her back on me. So, I added that Stephen Hawking was an atheist and he is one of the smartest people in the world, so I am in good company. That made me feel a little smug, but there is still a high stress level and definitely a toxic work environment.


My current job is fine. Before I came to my present employment, I had horrible experiences - I resigned from six jobs because of bullying. The minute I quit those awful jobs, the bullies found a new target right away. Apparently lots of people never grow up. Most working people I know have quit one or two jobs because of abusive people. It usually takes a lawsuit or threat of a lawsuit to get things to change. Sad.

SKH78 Level 8 Jan 24, 2018

If you are experiencing there emotions
because of your work environment.
You come across as being highly stressed out.
Wether it is being courses by your colleagues
Your work load your employers working practices
No job is ever worth doing if it is effecting your physical or mental health.


Some days I leave work with a headache. I have to wear a headset a lot and constantly hear people talking for their food orders in the drive-thru. Then my co-workers constantly talking in the background. I have to listen to the orders as well as directions from my boss. Also I have to read the screen for the front as well as listen to the front people and what they need. I do fries a lot. So I'm also constantly dropping fries in the fryer, and putting them into cartons for the front and the back. As well as nuggets, dropping crispy chicken, and tenders. Soon they'll add fish on the list. I'm the best in the store on the fry station. (My boss keeps putting me there. We have good drive times when I do fries) I also can do every position, except the grill. So after day part 2 (the rush) is over, I switch to sandwich making. Some days are busier than others. When it's day part 3, I'm doing sandwiches for the front and doing the fry station as well. I get tired a lot. I do enjoy my job though.


Delightful. I work at home where the tosh is controllable and the music is of my choosing. When I get bored with work, I go out.


There have been times when work was my remove myself from my home issues. And times home hid me from the work shit.

When both are bad ... I want to punch a bunny.


Time for a sharp exit. 8 hours or more a day is far too long to be stressed and unhappy. I hope things improve for you.


I have been in situations like this and I usually change departments or company's


If your work environment is truly toxic, you need to change your work! It rarely gets better.

I work on a project team that has some newer people who have brought an excess of negative energy with them. I spend a lot of time propping up other team members who have had it with them. In this scenario, it's entirely possible the toxic team member will leave before too long, but we have to have coping techniques until such a time as that happens. We can request to change projects if it gets to be too much - do you have any sort of options like that?


Most of the men I work with seem to hold views somewhere to the right of Adolf Hitler but fortunately they mostly keep those views to themselves when I'm about. I don't let certain kinds of views pass and I guess it's easier for them to keep quiet when I'm about. They don't want to set the moaning old git off 🙂


I work for myself these days, so my work environment is only as toxic as I make it. LOL Seriously, though, I've worked with some nasty people along the line, and that's part of the reason I'm now self-employed. Good luck in your situation.

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