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What artists are you privileged to have seen in your lifetime?

When I was young, my grandfather told me stories of famous people he had been privileged to see perform in his lifetime, which included the three DiMaggio brothers, Dominic, Vince and Joe who at one time were all playing for the San Francisco Seals. Which athletes, artists, musicians, actors or writers (or others) do you consider have enriched your life with their art and you consider yourself privileged to have seen?


Willie Mays and Rickey Henderson (baseball)
Herb Caen (columnist for the SF Chronicle)
Cary Grant and Greer Garson (film)
The Beatles
Roger McGuinn
Jerry Garcia
Peter Green
Paul Kantner

242Foxtrot 8 Sep 17

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Harry Chapin.

@Byrdsfan I got to see him perform when I was stationed at Ft. Meade, MD. I don't remember the venue any longer, but it couldn't have been too far away. After Ft. Meade I was sent to Germany and I remember hearing that he died.

@Byrdsfan Wolf Trap does sound right. I was in Augsburg in the early 80's as a single soldier. I got married and got out of the Army, and then in '85 we went to Stuttgart. My ex stayed in for his 20 years.


Paul Gauguin
Claude Monet
Edouard Manat
Vincent Van Gogh
Antoine Watteau
Joseph Mallord William Turner
Giovanni Bellini
William Blake
Michaelangelo Caravaggio
Pieter Bruegel
Paul Cezanne
Gustave Courbet
Salvador Dali
Edgar Degas
Thomas Gainsborough
Francesco Goya
El Greco
Winslow Homer
Edward Hopper
Leonardo de Vinci
Jean-Auguste Ingres
Rene' Magritte
Henri Matisse
Piet Mondrian
Edvard Munch
Pablo Picasso
Gustav Klimt
Pierre Aususte Renoir
Georges Serat
Henri Rousseau
Jan Van Eyck
Diego de Silva y Velasquez
Johannes Vermeer
James Abbot McNeil Whistler
Dale Chihuly

Shall I go one?


Your question was not clear:

"Which athletes, artists, musicians, actors or writers (or others) do you consider have enriched your life with their art and you consider yourself privileged to have seen?"

I think you are holding out on us. I just started a new series titled "Newsroom" and there was Kathleen (aka Emily Mortimer). She's the one sitting and wearing a white blouse.


The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Yes, Kansas, Emerson Lake & Palmer, B.B. King, Frank Zappa, Aerosmith, Boston, Rare Earth, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Black Sabbath, The Allman Brothers, Old Crow Medicine Show, Keb 'Mo, Leon Redbone, John Prine, and others I can't remember right now. I also saw Mohammed Ali at LAX once.


Earl Scruggs and Doc Watson.

This is the short list. The other is too long. But i love that I was able to see these two Bluegrass greats several times before they passed on.


Screaming J Hawkins, Joe Strummer, Elvis (Costello), Bowie.
Best has often been unknowns


Iron Maiden
Ozzy Osbourne
Perri Farrell
The Donnas'


Mohammad Ali


Tom Petty...probably close to 75 times
Bob least 100 times on three continents
The Traveling Wilburys

Styx -- multiple times from the 80s to 2012
Pink Floyd
AC/DC - multiple times from the 80s to Sept. 2015 in LA
Van Halen - multiple times from the 80s to Sept. 2015 in San Diego
RUSH - multiple times
Joan Jett -- 3 times
The Stones
Tina Turner
Iron Maiden
Def Leppard
Motley Crue - multiple times through 2015 in Anchorage, AK
Fleetwood Mac - multiple times
Ozzy - multiple times
Stevie Nicks - multiple times
Guns and Roses
Black Sabbath
and a hundred more rock legends

  • Merle Haggard
    Johnny Cash
    Waylon Jennings
    Garth Brooks
    Willie Nelson
    and a hundred more country legends

In the 80s, I saw a lot of hockey games in person...
Mario LeMieux and Paul Coffey were my two favorites
but I also saw Wayne Gretsky and a lot of other great players

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