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Bathing Myself... or bathing my Self?

How do you bathe your Self?
What regular practice do you employ to cleanse your psyche? to remove the cognitive detritus that is the natural by-product of mental metabolism?

By skado8
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MrLizard Level 8 Sep 19, 2018

get out of the house. the woods is the best

btroje Level 9 Sep 19, 2018

Maybe you will think I’m shallow, but I never feel the need. I appreciate what I have, don’t envy others who have more, try to help my fellow humans by volunteering in local food bank and donating to other humanitarian causes, enjoy nature , music, and having fun with friends and family. I am basically a happy and well adjusted person who enjoys good health....what’s to cleanse?


I take a good long bike ride in the evenings, with the cool breeze seemingly blowing the dust out of my weary mind after grinding the gears in my head all day. All that's left in my mind is the beautiful scenery I've passed by on my ride and colors of the setting sun reflecting on the water. Ahh... smile001.gif

Julie808 Level 7 Sep 19, 2018



Meditation, journaling, long drives. It's time for a road trip.


Daily free thought journaling.


Does meditation count?
Mowing the grass?
Walking in the woods?

Whatever works for you counts smile001.gif.


Wire weaving can do it.

Reading anything very interesting.

Self hypnosis or meditating.

I call crocheting monotony therapy

@btroje Doing ANYthing that does not require thinking but focus. Focus on the knotting of the thread or looping of the wire. Hell jigsaw puzzles work sometimes.

@silverotte I agree. I use the word "mindfullnes" in place of "focus"....same idea. And when outdoors, I sometimes just stop and delve into the natural beauty of the trees, the sky, whatever.....sometimes I may gaze at it as though it were my first moment on this planet.

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