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Does anyone know of an organization that does work similar to Habitat for Humanity, but without the religious underpinnings?

bingst 8 Jan 25

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You what? You know of one? And you're not telling? Tease! 😛

@bingst it's in my bio but if you or anyone wants a free "house" ill help them get one and teach them what to do with it once they get it. Me and @jaye may be putting together a podcast in the next few weeks to show folks what I use to do but with her being the star of the show this time. Just waiting for the snow to stop falling

Okay, I read your bio, and I definitely want to know more. 😀

Ok, I'll post it here and ask if you would pass it on to anyone you think might be interested. Also, I have described my work on this site a couple of times with details if you want to get started now where you are


There are groups out there I found a lot when I was looking for my house. Look for charity for house construction. I put it in dogpile search engine just have to weed them out.


Most i know are tied through church organizations unfortunately.i will keep an eye out for you buddy!


Foundation beyond belief is a start. Just google humanist humanitarian organizations and you'll find plenty. There's supposed to be a website where you can look at how different charities use their money so you know your not paying for a $500 crucifix when ypu donate but I forget what it's called. Google is a deity "ask and you shall recieve" 😛


I sure dont... a lot of the funding comes from the churches and payroll deduction. I gave through my payroll deduction. Now I just give blood every 10 weeks...

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