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Shouldn't there be a profile category for apistevists?

Auty89 6 Sep 19

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Sounds like creating yet another category to judge people by! How about just human or not human. But then we create a culture of separation from non-humans. Perhaps just leave the whole category thing alone!


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Splitting hairs. But then a living language will do this. use it in your profile or one day we will have as many terms as we now have groups here.


Is this not splitting hairs? A-theist, Ag-nostic - not enough? Now A-pistevist? Yeesh.


Could you explain it to me?

An apistevist is someone who does not value faith. An atheist is merely someone who lacks a belief in a diety. All apistevists are atheists, but not all atheists are necessarily apistevists. For example: you can be an atheist and still be spiritual. You can have faith in any number of untested philosophies.

@Auty89 sounds edgy


They didn't have a slot for evidentialist, either. Do you suppose we should put together a class action slot suit?


Should they have a category? Why not.

I think the whole concept is idiotic, having pondered it on my blog over the past few years (viewable through a search of the term, much the annoyance of many so-called Apistsvists). But it is also not my place to dictate who can adopt what label. The Atheists have that market saturated enough as it is.

So, yes. Apistevist should be added, even if it's not well known yet. My traffic stats show that it is not going away (the first post is almost consistently my most popular).

And no, I'm not driving traffic to myself. I have no reason to (I don't make money off of it). It's just easier doing it that way than bringing it all here.

You sound quite proficient in the cyber world. Do you work here on this site, or you just "do computers" in general?

@Auty89 Neither, though the world of IT is fascinating to me.

@Auty89 Also, wordpress does all the work for you. All one has to do is sign up and post to their hearts content.

I know nothing about programming or any of that jazz.


Wozzat when it's not got its fur coat on?


No, because this is not a common word (it is not listed on Merriam-Webster).
I know that "pistis" is the (old) Greek word for "Faith", so that apistevist could be somebody who does not have any faith. But that feature is already covered by "skeptic" or "freethinker"

well, digging deeper than maybe necessary, sceptic and freethinker can have faith in other people. You can have faith for example when somebody promises to quit smoking, but there is no evidence for that and it has never worked in the past.

Apistevist is just a cute way of saying evidentialist (a word that does exist). It is one syllable shorter, so maybe....

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