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The duties of a group host

I recently had the position of host passed onto me in a group, and I was wondering if anyone could help explain to me just what a host has to do, and how to do it? If I want, can I ask the group if anyone else in the group might be willing to take on this role? If this isn't the place to post this quesiton, let me know.)

AlasBabylon 8 Sep 22

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now might be the time you find out if people are generally good or if power corrupts πŸ˜›


The only time it seems to come into play is if bullying or slander is used.


I formed my group and that’s about it. I post in it sometimes, but I claim no responsibilities, I don’t police it, I just let it flow.


there is a group called "owners and mods", if you prefer to join it you can. or you can transfer the group group ownership if you find someone who's willing to take it over.


Was in hospital . When I got home , discovered I am also now head of someone else's group .

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