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What’s the Main Source of Global Conflict?
Survey Says: “Religious Beliefs”


AtheistInNC 7 Jan 26

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Elbow room and resources. That's what all wars are about. Religion is just how people congregate.


Religion is just a great marketing tool to control minds, many minds, a mob of minds, and then use them for its own ends.


The civil war was fought over slavery well kind of. The south did not want to lose the cheap labor so in essence it was a finical situation. WWI not exactly sure why we got involved there. WWII was a revenge war can you imagine what retaliation would have gone on had the attack NYC. Desert storm the senators oil was being wasted of course they made up some save Kuwait story.

Having served in the 2nd Armored Division of the United States Army, I have to inform you that the "Kuwait story" you reference was an actual invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. Please do a little more research on your subjects before you spread information which is not factual.

@AtheistInNC I was there just used it as reference. Desert Shield Desert storm. Thank you for your service. Had to add photo above.


Not a lot of new information here. However, many of the wars the US have started have been about economic power and profit.


I'm not surprised.

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