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Next question, I don't see a "button" anywhere how do you go about tagging someone?

MikeFlora 7 Jan 26

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Asking was a smart move on yourd part. I didn't ask. I hit the flag button instead. Found out it doesn't tag them; had to apologize. Do you ask for directions when you're lost, too?

I don't get lost

@MikeFlora Ahh, a man! Lol. jk. I only ask for directions after I've gone through all my curse words (adjectives, hphenated words, and foreign words count) or a tank of gas, whichever comes first.


You run until you catch them.


Use the "at" sign, @, followed by the username. They will be tagged and should be notified.

Sort of like this, @MikeFlora.

You mean there is no tag button? 😛

@bingst tag!

@resserts I feel kinda stupid but thank you

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