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Are the laws for animal abuse stong enough and are they being enforced?

Marine 8 Sep 23

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It's rather hard to enforce animal abuse laws when commercial enterprises are not affected. Forcing animals to live their entire lives without having enough room available to lie down is abuse. Puppy mills, chickens never being out of a crowed cage, people getting a puppy that spends its entire life on a chain in the back yard and the list doesn't end. No, laws are not strong enough and if they exist they are not being enforced.

gearl Level 7 Sep 23, 2018

Not every state has equal laws on this subject. In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to leave an animal in a hot/cold car this has been for some time. In California, within the last few years, animal cruelty is a felony.




No, and no.


Not really. The problem is that none of our laws or punishments are enforced consistently. One person can get caught shoplifting candy and spend years in prison while another is convicted of rape and spends 3 months in prison. The justice system needs an overhaul.


It is a known fact that children who abuse animals often grow up to abuse and even murder people.Spending a few months in a special school for disruptive children does not cure the problem. These children need medical attention. Adults found to be abusing animals need severe prison time because they are most likely abusing people in their lives also.They also need mental attention.So many of these people are let off with a fine and some public service which does little to stop the abuse.

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