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Who else was raised as an atheist or agnostic?

If you weren't ever religious, did you get taught any particular moral code or rules of behavior?

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shockwaverider 8 Jan 27

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Raised by American missionaries in Haiti, but they were also United Methodists, so were into helping people and establishing clinics, schools, a radio station, doing good works, not preaching at people about sin.

I never once heard them condemn anyone, or criticize anyone else's beliefs, they treated our LGBTQ relatives the same as everyone else, etc. so were good examples to me. I wish I were half as nice as they were.
My dad had some strange beliefs that annoyed me, like that kids shouldn't go swimming on Sunday, but my mom let us swim in our pool when my dad was away.


It was raised without religion, it was just omitted. Never discussed.


I was raised by two non - believers. Never talked about it. Never dated a church goer. To this day I know nothing about the Bible.I simply think religion is for people who can't think or figure things out from their own heart and common sense ! I am happy just the way I am πŸ™‚


Answering for my daughter. She had the horror of sleeping in on Sundays. She learned that I did not believe and in time we talked about supernatural issues, but I never pushed her in a direction or demanded my lack of belief.

To sum it up. she requested to go the Reason Rally 2016.


My dad died because he tried to pray himself well and my mom uses the Bible like a magic eight ball, asking questions to god then randomly selecting a bible verse and considering it the answer. So I wasn't raised religious, I was raised crazy religious, and everybody believes in god but me.


I said "other" because those who raised me were really lapsed Catholics.


My dad is an atheist but never said anything. We never went to church and if my bio father took us ms to church and we came back with stupid shit like women have one less rib than men, my dad was quick to correct. I’m atheist because there was never any proof that god existed. It’s something I came to on my own.


I voted 'other' as even though I was christened and described as church of England, I was always taught to think for myself and make my own decisions about god and religion.

And try as I might, I just couldn't buy into it. I couldn't get it to make sense. Every time I asked a question, the answers I got just gave me more questions or just made no sense whatsoever. The only conclusion that I could ever make was that people either didn't know the answers or made up shit just to shut me up.

For years I called myself agnostic, but eventually realised that the god claim was no different to zeus, thor, pixies or the Loch Ness monster. I am an atheist. If someone satisfactorily proved a god exists, then I will be a theist.


I was raised by an idiot. My dad and his selfesh ways... I loved my mom though I hated my dad.


It took me a long time to learn that the vast majority of secular people I had met, and would continue to meet, had had religious backgrounds.

That didn't come into sharp relief for me until I got on this site. I grew up in Canada and have lived on the West Coast most of my life.

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