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Do I exist? Can I really know anything? Where do you begin in philosophy?

Christologist 4 Sep 26

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"Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed for ever?" (Psalms 104:9)

Christian thinking seems to mesh maybe a bit too well with a kind of Theological Foundationalism.

You will notice that in the above verse such thinking can be thoroughly inappropriate. There is no "foundation" (in any ordinary sense of the word) to the Earth. (Worse than that for this verse, we also know that the Earth moves!)

As nice as it might seem to be, why should we expect there to exist firm answers to the questions you've posed? Like the verse above, are you asking sensible questions?

Also read the rest of Psalms 104; I'd be really curious how you mesh that with our scientific understanding of these things. The sensibility of the rest of the chapter doesn't look much better.


You're kidding.....right?


if you don't exist, you've been hacked, because i see posts by you.

as for philosophy, i do try to avoid it. it appears to be situational.



I think, therefore I am.
There's a start for ya!


No. You are a figment of my imagination.

I am just a brain in a vat and all of this is what I have just invented purely for my own amusement.


Do you know if something is hot enough, or sharp enough, to hurt you? Do you know whether you like surrounding temps to be closer to 70 than 114, or -10? Do you eat when you fell hunger, seek kindness? Then why oh why are you wasting your precious Only days on this?


Holy Pascal! If you don't exist, what are you doing asking questions?


Depends on your definition of 'to know'.
Depends on your taste. I suggest trying essays of the famous philosophers on topics you like.

Dietl Level 7 Sep 26, 2018

So what is your definition of 'to know'? It seems obvious that there are at least some things that you cannot know.
What have people told you that you cannot know?
Well, what did cause the universe?
I could also answer any question, but what is more interesting is if you can justify your answer.

@Christologist We know nothing except superficially. Ultimate reality is a deep and unfathomable mystery and if you think you understand it you are mistaken.

@Christologist Knowing that you exist is not the same as understanding the underpinnings of reality. I experience my own existence also but it is only through the miracle of conscious awareness. What is conscious awareness? What is space? What is time? What is matter really? According to quantum field theory reality is not made out of matter and there are no “things”.

We have created a vision in our minds of reality but it is merely a symbolic representation of the real thing. It is superficial. Knowledge of this fact is almost universal. The proof is everywhere and you need only think briefly in order to realize the truth.

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