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Older men and their motorcycles. Does this show their testosterone level or is this just something they always wanted?

I tell ya, I've never seen so many mature (older) men with motorcycle's. Not that I mind actually as in my youth I drove a Yamaha 80, and graduated to a Yamaha 200. Now I've downsized to a moped which sits in the garage due to a small incident. LOL

This is a follow up question to mature (older) men preferring a younger (model) woman.

JustLuAnn 7 Jan 27

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People of all ages and their motorcycles ! As someone who has been riding over 30yrs, and still am, I can say for sure I'm not doing it due to testosterone - but because it's a highly enjoyable pastime ! Also a great economical way to travel. I commuted to work for many years on NY parkways - even in winter - as long as there wasn't snow on the roads.
And by the way - it may not be apparent, because of full coverage helmets - but there's also more women riders than ever before. The word got out - it's way more fun to ride your own , than sit on the back.

Sure - there are men like the ones you describe - that might be doing it just for show . And others who have always wanted to ride, but perhaps had families, and/or wives that forbade them . Now that they're older, and maybe on their own, with disposable income - it's time for some fun. So, why not ? And many of the guys you see out there have been riding most of their lives - it's nothing new to them.

"Older people" are not at all what they used to be anyway - all kinds of things goin' on !


When I was a child watching bikes come past the house, I turned to my mum and said "Mum, when I grow up I'm going to be a biker"

She smiled at me and replied "Make your mind up which son, you can't do both."

I'm still riding and racing them at 61. πŸ™‚

The oldest active motorcyclist I've met personally was 83. Go for it !

We have several bikers over 80 who turn up at our local meeting place and then there is this guy...


One of my dearest friends rides a motorcycle. He's also a violinist and I marvel at his wililngness to take such a risk.

It's not "such a risk" if one rides well and defensively. Like any other activity with risks (which includes driving your car), one needs to know the risks, and how to manage them. I've had over 30yrs of safe riding, and know many with far more than that !

@evergreen I guess it's probably perception. I feel fairly exposed when I ride a bicycle, and you could not get me to ride at motorcycle speeds. I feel -- and statistically I am -- safer in my car. I don't worry so much about myself (or my friend, who certainly rides carefully and defensively as you do) but about that idiot who would rather text than watch the road.

@chicagojcb and that is exactly the sort of thing a rider (or pedestrian, for that matter) needs to watch out for. I ride a bicycle too - being ever vigilant is how one stays alive !


I honestly have no idea what the draw is; then again, I'm not a motorcycle guy. One of my oldest friends has been riding most of his life and it's as normal to him as driving a car is to me. He loves the speed and power. With some older guys, who begin riding at a later age, I think that it's something they probably wanted to do for a long time but couldn't or wouldn't because of family obligations. So they finally got to a point where it became feasible and affordable. Just my speculation.

@Condor5 I am a lifelong biker and understand that bikes are something you either get - or you don't.
Many bikers will try to tell you that it's the freedom, adrenaline, wind in the face, etc etc etc.

All I know is that if I have to explain it, you won't understand. That's not a slight on your intelligence or empathy, it is just a fact.

A fact in the same way that I have absolutely no idea why someone would want to collect stamps - I understand that some are rare and could be a good investment - but derive pleasure from it? That doesn't make it any less valid as a hobby, I just don't get it.

But wouldn't life be dull if we all liked the same things and agreed with each other all the time!

@Uncorrugated that's OK, I don't require any explanation. I did have a couple motorcycles when I was younger, and rode just enough to realize it was not a risk I was comfortable with on a long term basis.


Some of us have grown up riding bike and it is as natural as sunshine. I started riding when I was 12 years old and rode up until 10 years ago. I stopped because of an inner ear problem that affected my sense of balance, making it really dangerous. Some of us are serious riders too. Not just weekends during nice weather. I have ridden upwards of 40,000 miles a year at times in blistering hot weather, frigid winter, rain, hail, snow, ice, and dense fog. On one of my jobs I rode roughly 1700 miles a week. So, not all those more mature folks you see out there are testosterone ads. A lot of them are, yeah, but not all.

LOL at testosterone ads @evidentialist

It's good to hear from a hard core fellow riderπŸ˜‰

You are way more brave than I! I'll do rain and cold quite begrudgingly. I would never ride in snow or ice. Two years ago we rode from Louisiana through many states, up to Sturgis for a week, and back down through many states. Last year, we did the eastern side more or less -- furthest stop for three days was Montreal. LOVE going long distance. But, I'm a hotel person, so it's pretty expensive.


Bikes are pretty expensive toys nowadays. I rode a bike for almost 20 yrs, gave it up because of the cage drivers running me off the road. Now I take the bus and have owned 5 Lincoln Town Cars, nobody is running a Lincoln off the road...

@RobCampbell Talk about getting run off the road. It was not until I got my helmet and covered it with peace, and a green alien, and flower power stickers that folks stopped honking and running me off. (On a moped with a large woman-This does not say speed)

@JustLuAnn The other drivers are my biggest fear. Long may you rideπŸ™‚


@JustLuAnn Right on

@Leutrelle I found a picture of my helmet. Only took me searching the external hard drive πŸ™‚


I suspect most of them have always had bikes, just have more time now to be out & about on fancier rigs


My motorcycle is my ticket to living in the now. In 10 minutes I am in another world. My senses are heighten. Barbecues smell wonderful, and scenery is colorful, the bends in the road are artful, and the wind at my face is faithful. I love the power, and the connection through the bike to the road. I feel more alive, and yet I feel the presence of death following closely. I do like the looks that women give, and with a pleasant smile I will return, to home once again.

That reminds me....on a very long ride a couple of years ago, my heart absolutely MELTED when a young girl (10-12) was staring at me though a back seat window. She was mesmerized with a big smile on her face and shyly waved. I gave her a big smile, a wave, and I sent her mental telepathy message that she, too, could ride one day.


I think motorcycles are great. If I could still drive, I'd want one myself.
I think a lot of guys who had them in their youth, give them up because a) they get married and wifey nags about it, b) they have kids and feel they need to be "responsible", c) they take jobs where riding doesn't fit whatever image they're trying to project.
After the wives are gone, the kids are grown, and their image no longer needs projecting, they just want to get back something they enjoyed. I realize it's not that way for everyone, but I've seen those scenarios play out more than I haven't.

I should have read your post before I posted, I basically paraphrased what you said about the reasons. I think it's probably pretty accurate.

That's exactly what I think. And, I've heard variations of that from a few riders.


I never cared for motorcycles. They're dangerous and loud. Two things that I personally don't care for.

My bikes were all as quiet as any standard car. No major accidents in 65 years.

I only awhile back heard a valid (opinion) rationale for why bikers prefer to be loud; it's so car drivers will hear them and look out for them. Any truth to that, bikers?

@Condor5 That's a very generous outlook.

@ErichZannIII And, it's exactly true for most of the riders with whom I've ever spoken. I don't actually like very loud motorcycles. But, I do wish my bike was louder because drivers of cars all too frequently do NOT see us. Think blind spots.


They’re just trying to recapture their youth. Sort of like sympathetic magic.


Its called a mid life crisis, and its happened to a few friends of mine. Divorce motorcycles women.

Sacha Level 7 Jan 27, 2018

Never had one, never been on one, don't want one.


Suicide machines?

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