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Talk to me Goose

I’m In need of book suggestions! What do you recommend?

My favorite book is A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby. He’s probably my favorite author as my favorite short story is by him too, Nipple Jesus.

So, let the suggestions fly!

DaphneDarling 7 Sep 28

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david sedaris theft by finding diaries or dress your family in corduroy and denim

@DaphneDarling ah well was no help there then

@DaphneDarling πŸ‘


For what?
If you like Hornby (I don't) just go to Amazon, do a search for Hornby's books, then see the lists of "people who bought this book also liked..." and read some of the reviews.

Or type a subject into the search box.

@DaphneDarling The Amazon book reviews are just people discussing the books they read. They often mention similar books they'd read, and like better, so I then read up on those books and often buy them on the spot.

If you like Hornby, I doubt anything I read would interest you, LOL!

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