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Hello all 🙂

After being bombarded with god-fearing suitor after god-fearing suitor via many online dating sites, I throw myself at the altar of I am curious to see how many queer/bi/poly women are a part of this site. Raise your hand? I would also love to hear any related experiences that anyone would like to share, perhaps a success story? Cheers

LaylaNoGods 5 Jan 28

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We have an altar here? O|o

But seriously, as a gay man I am seeing a disproportional ratio of gay men to straight men than the general population. I will confess I haven't much looked at many female profiles to check their preferences, but my hunch is there will be many women who identify as non-straight as well.

I think that may be, in part, due to the fact that many LBGT folks have has bad experiences with religious family members~etc. and a disproportional % of them are non-believers compared to traditionally orientated people. So good luck finding someone here for you!

(I also think this community is relatively young and there are many people who have not found the venue, so stake your ground early and interact often so, as they join, they may find you while looking around.)


No success stories from this little black duck, my daughter is gay, my son is poly and I am seeing a couple of bi ladies occasionally. I am part of a group or people mostly in their 30s, who are like an extended family or dispersed community with absolutely no judgement on gender, hmmmm, couldn't guess what percentage would be classed as 100% straight. But we are on the other side of the planet/


no success story yet.


Bi-woman here!
No stories yet, though, as I am brand new to the site.


I never did figure out what god-fearing ment I asked several of the scammers they never did give me an answer. I did state on several occurrences to the scammers if there was a god why would I fear it. I never got a response, go figure.

@AxeElf Someone has to inform those scammers they are using the wrong word. lol

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