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Where do you find community?

One positive thing church does tend to provide is community - a place to gather where people know about you and, theoretically, care about you.

Where do you find community in your life?

Lydiaeli 6 Jan 28

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Our small Universal-Unitarian Fellowship includes atheists, humanists, Wiccan, Jew, Baptist, and more. A whole range of different beliefs, loyalties, and concerns. Yes, we focus on the areas we agree, but we also make a point to learn about where we differ.

3, Sunday Assembly both worldwide. Here in Vegas the Center for Science and Wonder


First would be family and extended family, with 6 kids and 14 grandkids all living in the Portland area except a daughter in Georgia. Attend a Unitarian Universalist church, and am active in several things, a humanist group, men's group, two discussion groups, and several committee's. Our celtic band has an open session every Sunday afternoon, with attendance from 6 to 15. Play in a music group at a local senior center. Volunteer at local library. Plus some time here.


There's a Unitarian Fellowship in Minneapolis which is a Secular Humanist organization - I found great comradery there.

What I like especially is that various rituals allow for that sense of belonging. The annual Fall In-Gathering and then later, the Water Communion affect me greatly. .


Community centres are a BIG thing in my region, we call them neighbourhood centres, where I am we can do pretty much anything, we have a tech centre, all sorts of classes from toddlers to seniors, yoga, fitness, gardening, blokey type furniture workshops. Many of the people involved go to diner occasionally in small groups, I go fishing with a few, meet a few in the surf. It is our village hub. We have another smaller organisation actually called a community centre.


Book Club, political activism, friends, family, here.

skado Level 8 Jan 28, 2018

Here, workout pals, 12-step group, Sunday Assembly, non-believers on Meetup.


I regularly visit a local game store to play Dungeon & Dragons. It’s nice to actually sit down with peope and enjoy something together.


Here, mostly.

And random online penpals who exchange original poetry with me.

I don't know that I've ever "found community" in meatspace. I'm not fully human, so it's alright.


OMAHA, Omaha Metro Area Humanists Association. You can find more about Humanists groups on the web. UU churches are good, Unitarian Universalists, very non religious type of church. Omaha also has a group called REASON Rationalists, Empiricists, and Skeptics of Nebraska. Check out Meet Up groups in your area to see what is available. And then there is the web, and this site. 🙂


Work, friends, family, volunteerism…


Through my Big Brothers/Big Sisters match (I don't like the term they use).
I ended up tutoring and starting a chess club at his school and even served a couple of terms on their board after he went on to high school.

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