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What in the crystal meth is going on here?

IndySent 7 Jan 28

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Unfortunately these are the people who are procreating

Some Crystal Method for you kiddies... go on, try it... it'll make you hyper.

And once you're all methed up, Fatboy... Slim, with Walken's Weapon of Choice... dance


the vid disappeared. an act of god

Yeh, dagnabbit I wanted to see the vid. Where’d it go?

@Bravelyranaway honey boo boo's mom as a beauty queen


This is one of the reasons I turned off cable TV. She is not a "real" person, she is made up by TV producers who know that stupid sells. This is why America voted for Donald Trump. Keeping the masses (or asses) occupied by TV keeps them from thinking and questioning.

Preach it!

Oops, wrong word here.

@Charley43 Works for me!! I will preach it as I see it!


Examplet of why I do not watch shows about celebrity lives.


My home state in all its' wondrous glory! 😐


you are lucky you have been in Norway these last 10 plus years


Complete and utter stupidity - hey, you asked!

one of the first signs of the collapse of America


I re-watched "Idiocracy" recently. The Prophet Mike Judge.

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